Blooming Kids Early Learning & Long Day Care Centre

“Planting the seeds for future growth”

Centre Philosophy



  At Blooming Kids Early Learning and Long Day Care Centre we aim to provide a fun, safe, nurturing environment that has a warm, friendly and open atmosphere. We will strive to promote each child’s learning and development, while encouraging the building of relationships to enable children to feel that they belong, have a strong sense of being and the power to become.


 * We believe that Early Childhood is an integral time for children in terms of their learning and development; all children are capable and unique individuals and will be accepted for who they are as we build a community of learners where all children have the right to be heard.

* As educators we will work with families to facilitate children as they take part in their own learning process. Through ongoing documentation and reflections we will provide a diverse program of experiences that cater for group and individual needs, which challenge children and give opportunities for the learning of life skills, in an environment that allows for children to extend on their own learning.

* Through play based learning we aim to provide opportunities for all children to reach their full potential, which will lay the foundation for successful learning in the future.

* Providing a safe environment for children and families, we aim to promote confidence for active participation and learning. We acknowledge that the physical and social environments play a vital role in the education of children.

* We respect all families and encourage them to share their culture, language and home experiences with the service. This will enable our service to maintain a strong partnership with our families and assist children to develop a sense of identity.

* Educators are committed to ongoing training and learning in the Early Childhood field. Educators meet on a regular basis to discuss issues, reflect upon and update practices/procedures, to improve the quality and standard of care we provide to our families.


Reviewed and rewritten by all staff and Management August 2018.

Referenced from: Early Years Learning framework for Australia.