Daily Fees (before rebates)


$108.00 - Long Day Care

Fees Include:

Breakfast. (if arrival is before 7:30)

Fruit for morning tea.

Cooked lunch.

Snack for afternoon tea.


$37.00 – Before School Care

Fees Include:

Breakfast. (if arrival is before 7:30)

Centre bus to school.


$39.00 – After School Care

Fees Include:

Bus pick up from school.

Snack for afternoon tea.


$108.00 – Vacation Care

Fees Include:

All excursion costs.

Fruit for morning tea.

Picnic lunches.

Snack for afternoon tea.

Bus transport to and from all excursions.


Fees  (after rebates)

Fees can be calculated for you on or just prior to enrolment, based on the provision of centrelink information.


Payment of Fees:

Payments may be made by cash, cheque or by direct deposit via internet banking.

We require a $200 bond per child on enrolment; however no more than $500 per family.

Fees must be paid one week in advance at all times therefore on enrolment you will be required to pay for two weeks to put you in that advanced amount.

Fees are also required to be paid:

-         When your child is absent / sick on their enrolled day of care.

-         If a public holiday falls on your child’s enrolled day

Two weeks written notice is required to end your child’s enrolment.  

Child Care Subsidy

  Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is a payment made to families to assist with the cost of childcare.
All families using our service are eligible for CCS. Families must register with the MYGOV to be eligible for CCS. (Ph. 13 6150). span>

CCS for approved care can be received as:

-         reduced fees through an approved childcare service; or

-         a lump sum payment direct to the families at the end of the financial year.




Advise your local centrelink office that your child will be commencing care at Blooming Kids and quote our centre’s provider number if need be:

407 333 697 V